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November 8, 2016


We’ve all heard it—and we’ve all probably said it—there are only two seasons in Alberta: winter and construction. As construction season begins, so does excavation season. Do what it takes to avoid any incidents on the job, and in particular be cautious when operating equipment around power lines. Touch potential Electricity will always try to […]

September 21, 2016

Importance of a guide or spotter

There are a lot of things to protect when working—namely the lives of you and your coworkers, environment and property. Blind backing is never a good idea. The importance of a guide is paramount whether you’re working during the day or night. When it comes to Utilities we take the function of a guide one […]

July 19, 2016

Changing heights and depths of utilities

Every year the ground settles and expands with the changing weather and temperatures. This affects both the height of overhead power lines and the depth of underground lines. Overhead power lines When the ground settles around them, power poles can settle. This can either cause lines to tighten or sag, with the latter increasing the […]

May 31, 2016

How transmission power linemen work

Alberta’s utilities workers go to great lengths—and heights—to keep the lights on throughout our province. While they are working hard to ensure that power continues to flow, field crews are making sure it’s done in the safest possible way. Part of doing the job safely means using the proper safety equipment and personal protective equipment […]

May 17, 2016

Planting season is upon us

With spring and the warmer weather comes planting season. The growing season in Alberta lasts about 120 days. That means you have a huge amount of work to do, and a small window of time to do it. This can lead to a sense of urgency, which in turn can lead to accidents, damage, and […]