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Whether you’re new on site or a seasoned professional, maintaining a safe work environment should always be your top priority—especially when working near overhead or underground power lines.

Are you frequently checking your phone? Joking around with coworkers? Mentally making plans for the weekend? When you’re comfortable and confident on the job, it can be easy to put yourself into autopilot, making you more likely to accidentally skip certain protocols or overlook safety hazards.

Keep yourself and your crew safe by learning these seven tips for staying focused on the worksite. You can also keep power line safety top of mind with our free safety swag!

  1. Educate yourself on power line safety

    Actively participating in safety training offered by your employer or signing up for our power line safety training can give you the tools you need to spot and respond to safety hazards.

  2. Keep your work area clean and uncluttered

    Clear away any unnecessary tools or equipment so that you are better able to spot hazards and utility flags.

  3. Don’t skip breaks

    While taking breaks can seem counterproductive, you need to give yourself a chance to recharge, refocus and reduce safety risks.

  4. Stick to the plan

    Don’t deviate from the work plan and safety protocol on your work site. If your work plan doesn’t include proper locates and power line clearances, let your supervisor know.

  5. Put your smartphone away

    The average Canadian checks their phone every 10 minutes. If you’re on the job, taking your eyes off the task at hand can put you and your coworkers in harm’s way. If you need to have your phone nearby, keep it on silent.

  6. Turn down the volume

    Listening to music while you work can help boost morale but you need to be able to hear your crew at all times, especially when relying on a spotter to warn you if you’re getting too close to overhead or underground lines. Earbuds or headphones are a no-go.

  7. Share concerns with your supervisor

    If you’re concerned about distractions at work or in your personal life that could affect your ability to stay focused when working near power lines, talk to your supervisor. They’ll be glad you did.

Order your free safety swag now and always remember these three words when working near overhead and underground power lines: Look. Locate. Live.

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