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Spring is upon us and construction season will be ramping up across our province. Unfortunately, this is also the time of year Alberta utilities start to see an increase in the number of people coming into contact with underground power lines. The best rule is to avoid digging around underground cables all together, but if you must work around them, there are ways that you can expose them safely.

Before you start digging on any job site, you must request locates. The site of an underground electrical line will be marked with a red chevron. Compare the locate ticket and your work zone to ensure the markings match what is on the ticket. Then, follow a few simple rules to help safely expose the lines:

What do you do when you have your locates, you’ve taken all the steps required to expose the underground cables safely, and you still make contact? STOP ALL WORK IMMEDIATELY AND CALL 911.

For more information on electrical line safety, watch this video and contact your local utility to learn more about safe digging procedures.

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