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While it’s necessary for vehicles of all sizes to be able to navigate our roads, oversize or high load vehicles have the potential to damage street lights or worse yet, make contact with an overhead power line.

Know the Risks

Oversize loads are regulated by the Government of Alberta to protect the safety of the public and to avoid damaging infrastructure like power lines. Utilities in both urban and rural areas work with transporters and farmers to ensure high loads can travel safely within our province.

Plan ahead before you haul.

Notify your local utility company in advance of transporting oversize loads, as it will need to prepare a safe route. Don’t forget to take weather conditions and heavy traffic into consideration when planning.

Always consider the height of your equipment.

Newer equipment models can reach as high as 5.9 metres. Know the height of each piece of equipment before moving it, as equipment is taller if placed on a trailer. Check that all augers, dump truck beds and other equipment are in the lowered position before transportation.

Know your route and stick to it.

Power lines in Alberta are designed and constructed to follow our province’s Electrical Codes and Standards. What many don’t realize is that the electrical current from a power line can arc to nearby equipment that isn’t physically touching the line, particularly in wet or humid weather.

Learn about high load vehicle regulations.

Alberta Transportation has established maximum vehicle weight and dimension limits to preserve highway infrastructure and to ensure the safety of the travelling public. This includes legal limits for any registered vehicle travelling on any public road, as well as the provision for movement of oversize loads under permit.

Alberta also has High Load Corridors or a network of designated highways in the province which have had the overhead utility lines raised to accommodate loads up to nine metres high (29.5 feet).

For more information about regulations for oversize vehicles and to access the High Load Corridor map visit the Government of Alberta website or contact your local utility company.

Contact Map

Think power line contacts are few and far between? Think again.
See the overhead and underground contacts occurring near you.

The Joint Utility Safety Team (JUST) is a partnership between the following Alberta electric utilities with contributions from local municipalities, formed to address the frequency of power line contacts across the province.