Look Locate Live

You can call it a pact. A promise. A motto. But it’s not just another slogan. When you work near power lines, whether overhead or underground, these three words are your everything.


Keep your equipment 7 metres away
from overhead power lines.

Excavator digging into dirt
7m (metres)


When digging, make sure you get a locate to avoid underground power lines.

Underground pipe with electric sparks shooting out.


Every year, there are approximately 800 contacts with power lines in Alberta. That’s more than two per day.


Do your part to make sure everyone gets to go home at the end of their shift by remembering these three words: Look. Locate. Live.

A shovel

Get a Locate

Contact Alberta One-Call before breaking ground.

An instructor teaching some students

Book a Training Session

Make sure your crew knows how to work safely around power lines.


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