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Police, fire and ambulance personnel are usually the first people on the scene of an emergency. When power lines are involved, these emergency responders are often unaware of the danger and put themselves at risk of serious injury or death.

Three years ago, the Canadian Electricity Association (CEA), the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and CEA corporate utility members –FortisAlberta and AltaLink – produced Canada’s first electrical safety training video for emergency responders across Canada. The 15-minute video, ‘Electricity, The Invisible Killer’ is available from Alberta’s electric utilities and by contacting:

“I have seen many close calls with Alberta’s police, fire and ambulance workers where they weren’t aware of the hazards of a downed power line at the scene. That is why we were passionate about raising the level of awareness with first responders,” says Dan Thayer, FortisAlberta’s Manager of Health and Safety.

Filmed in central Alberta, the video covers six scenarios that make up the principal contacts made by first responders with energized high voltage power lines and equipment in Canada.

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