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Alarm, coffee, dress, work. Alarm, coffee, dress, work… sounds like a typical morning routine. We all have our daily routines – those repetitive actions that you sometimes don’t even realize you’re doing.

If your daily routine includes a safety check, you can’t afford to get lost in the repetition, not even for a moment. That’s what Alberta’s Joint Utility Safety Team (JUST) is reminding workers in their new TV ad.

JUST conducts annual market research with those who work around overhead/underground power lines and are most at risk. Dubbed Operators, this group includes members from the electric utilities, oil and gas, construction, agriculture, transportation and forestry industries.

“The research indicated that Operators are informed about the threat power lines pose to their safety, but because they are exposed to this threat on a daily basis they can become too comfortable in their routines,” says Kathy Morin, Chair of the JUST Working Group. “This new campaign strives to create awareness around the risk of complacency on the job site.”

Some other highlights from the research include:

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